Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Who’s the best stainless steel investment casting manufacturing unit in India?

If you want to buy good quality stainless steel machine parts prepared by stainless steel investment casting, you should buy it from a trusted company like Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd., an investment casting company in India that’s manufacturing stainless steel parts in steel alloys. We are highly experienced in stainless steel investment casting and have can cast a wide range of stainless steel alloy.

Get affordable Stainless Steel Investment Casting products from Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. with best and high quality which will supply in UK, USA, and many other places.

Applications of stainless steel investment casting products

You can buy from us customized stainless steel investment casting parts suitable for various applications in automotive, machinery, food and dairy, medical, plumbing, petrochemical, mining, energy, electrical, submarines, aerospace, general engineering, pumps, and valves.

Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. is the leading stainless steel investment casting manufacturer and supplier in India. We make good-quality stainless steel metal parts in our manufacturing plant.

The stainless steel spare parts of most of the machinery are made by the stainless steel investment casting method in the most cost-effective manner.

What’s stainless steel investment casting?

The stainless steel investment casting process is similar to lost-wax casting. It’s a process for casting stainless steel with the help of formation of ceramics around a wax pattern to form a shell. This shell is used for casting stainless steel.

The stainless steel investment casting process involves following necessary steps-

  • A wax model replica of the metal part is prepared.

  • The mould which is the exact negative of the original wax model is made.

  • Wax pouring is done in the mould to form its inner lining. This hollow wax copy is then removed from the cast.

  • The removed hollow wax copy is chased by a hot metal tool to even out any marks left and the wax is dressed to give it a finished look.

  • Wax copy is then sprued with a tree-like structure that creates a path for the air to escape and for the flow of molten material.

  • This sprued wax copy is dipped in the slurry of silica and sand-like stucco and then allowed to dry. After repeating this process multiple times the desired thickness of shell coating is attained. The inside of the shell coating is kept hollow and it’s layered with fireproof material.

  • Shell is hardened on a kiln and the wax inside the shell is melted and runs out. After this, the shell is cooled and tested with water for any cracks. If any cracks are present in the shell then they are filled with a thick paste.

  • Traces of moisture are removed and the molted metal is poured in the shell.

  • Shell is blasted away and the rough-cast is obtained. To give it the finished look the spurs are cut off and its surface is chased, smoothened, and polished.

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