Where can you buy good quality metal parts made by Feinguss casting?

We are leading investment casting manufacturer and supplier, Sumangal Castings Pvt. Ltd. develops high performing metal casts in our Rajkot-based investment casting foundry.

We use advanced manufacturing processes for producing high precision metal parts from a wide range of super-alloy materials and standard alloy materials at our investment casting company.

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The investment casting process allows us to make the difficult to process machine parts/materials with complex geometry in a highly economical way. We manufacture high-quality engineering metal components and supply to our national & international clients.

As an investment casting supplier, we deliver our orders in the shortest lead time. It is possible due to our modern manufacturing plant, well equipped to manufacture a whole range of investment casting products.

We give thorough consultation right from the idea to implementation, covering all the touchpoints like quality, reliability, and certainty.

Our advanced manufacturing plant allows us to produce high-quality products for various industries in speed time. The casting preparation uses advanced investment casting method.

Though the investment casting process is conducted at many places, it will be helpful for you to ensure that the manufacturing company uses advanced technology, high-grade alloys while following all the standards of the casting process.

Investment casting manufacturer in India

For buying metal parts in India and get the best deals, you need to search for a reliable investment casting manufacturer in India. Most investing casting companies produce metal components for use across various industries, and you will need to pay attention to the product quality and its finishing.

Sumangal Castings Pvt. Ltd. develops high performing metal casts and quality investment castings delivered in the shortest lead time.

We focus on making unmatched quality, with cost-effectiveness, and in a short lead-time, to serve our customers in the best way while complying with the most stringent and highest industry standards for casting productions.

We are considered as the leading investment casting manufacturer and supplier because we give the expert consultation from idea to implementation. Our investment casting process focuses on quality, reliability, and certainty.

What is Investment casting?

It is the oldest metal making process for duplicating or remaking the features from an original sculpture and then casting multiple similar metal parts as of the sample piece.

The process of investment casting involves the steps designed and needed to replicate the intricate designs of the sample piece for the final product. Here’s the summary of the casting process -

  • An original wax pattern containing all the features of the sample design is made and is surrounded by an outer shell by dipping the pattern in a ceramic slurry. Repeated dipping is needed to get the desired thickness of the shell as the thickness helps the shell to contain the molten metal.

    This outer shell contains the exact negative of the original wax pattern and the sample metal part.

  • Now, this wax-shell assembly is sprued through the gaiting process. This assembly is put on a kiln with its cups facing upwards, and the shell gets harden with the effect of high temperature while the wax gets melted and drained out.

    This shell is cooled and checked by passing water through the vent tubes and feeder for any cracks, the cracks are then patched, with a thick paste.

  • The shell preheating removes all the moisture traces from it, and the reheating process hardens the paste applied on the cracks.

    Preheating the shell prepares it for the metal pouring process by lowering the possibilities of any occurrence of reaction between the hot metal and the shell’s surface, and the preheated shell is less prone to breaking when the hot and melted metal is poured. The preheated shell is placed in a tub to pour the melted metal in it.

  • To release the rough metal cast shell is blasted away. In the finishing process, the spurs on the metal are cut off. The metal cast is chased to remove all signs of casting from the metal surface and give it a smooth surface finish.

Benefits of investment casting

  • Investment casting is the best method to get an excellent surface finish. It is easier to get a smooth finish when ceramic moulds are used for the casting process.
  • Tight dimensional tolerances shorten the amount of machining required after casting. Given the standard tolerance is +/- .005 per inch.
  • Faster production of metal casts is possible.
  • Investment casting can cast thin walls, produce complex and intricate shapes.
  • The investment casting process is used to cast large metal varieties, minimal wastage of the material happens in investment casting.
  • Less expensive equipment is needed, and they are not dangerous to use.
  • Casts of any size are easy to prepare. Intricate and small parts and the large parts can be cast, with the same ease.
  • A wide range of materials like - bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. can be used.

Things to consider for investment casting

Before using the investment casting process, consider these things –

  • The correct scale pattern is needed for injection tooling or 3D printing the part patterns directly from the 3D CAD data and scale factor based on the alloy.
  • A lean manufacturing approach ensures short lead times, high-quality, & low cost. It eliminates waste, increases quality, and lowers cost.
  • Cross-training technicians and incorporating multiple steps in a single manufacturing process will help in attaining short lead timing. If the same person is handling the process of wax injection, mould building, and first dipping, then less time is consumed.
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