Ferrous Investment Casting

Ferrous Investment Castings in India

Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing ferrous investment castings in India. We distribute our products in countries like Israel, Italy, Japan, and in other parts of the world.

When you want to buy good quality ferrous metal parts made by Ferrous Investment Casting in India you should buy it only from a trusted brand. Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. is an investment casting company in India that manufactures ferrous metals by using lost wax parts in steel alloys, aluminium materials, and cast iron. We deliver our ferrous investment casting metals and ready-to-fit metal assemblies worldwide.

Which casting process is used for ferrous metals?

No two casting process is the same. And different methods are used when we are dealing with different metal products.

In the case of ferrous metals, here are few things that are considered in the casting process -

  • Material selection is important -Die-casts are made up of non-ferrous metals like aluminium, magnesium, and zinc and can’t be used for ferrous metals parts manufacturing. Hence, the material selection is of prime importance when you want to cast ferrous metals.

  • Cycle time The cycle time of ferrous investment casting is long as it is done by the traditional investment casting method. The traditional investment casting takes time and labour. It’s done with the utmost care and the process can’t be completely automated. Much of manual labour and expertise is required for this casting process. Die-casts require less time.

  • The cost of any process is majorly dependent on the cycle-time. Approximately 60% of the cost relies on the duration of the process and it includes labour costs as well. So, the investment casting process is a bit expensive than the die-casting process.

  • Tolerance Tolerance is largely dependent on the shape of the metal part and the material used. Expert consultation is required for determining the tolerance.

  • Annual Volume Investment casting process tools are cheaper but are suitable only for small volume projects. Die-casting is good for larger volume manufacturing projects.


What’s Ferrous Investment Casting?

Ferrous investment casting is done by lost-wax casting. It’s a process used by investment casting manufacturers in which a duplicate metal model is made from an original model. The intricate designs and work of an original model is achieved and can be remade through the investment casting process.

Benefits of Ferrous Investment Casting

Investment casting is a method that can give accurate results.

This is an economic way to make high precision, high definition parts with complex details.

Ferrous investment casting reduces waste, lowers machine time, labor time, and costs.

The final product obtained by this process has a smooth finish.

Investment casting can be done for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Lower labor time shortens lead times and costs.

There’s no need for expensive equipment for the ferrous investment casting process.

Low scrap wastage as the consistency in the investment casting method lessens the final costs.

It’s the most economical way of making highly detailed metal parts.

Who’s the best ferrous casting manufacturing unit in India?

Sumangal Casting Pvt. Ltd. is the leading ferrous Investment casting manufacturer and supplier in India. We make good-quality ferrous metal parts in our modern and sophisticated manufacturing plant at Rajkot.

Our advanced casting process delivers high-quality engineering materials. We use one disposable pattern to produce only one metal part in our detailed investment casting process.

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